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The Art Issue, in partnership with the Serendipity Arts Festival 2019 will provide curated content for the upcoming fourth edition of SAF, to be held in Goa from December 15-22, 2019

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Serendipity Arts Festival 2019

To kick off our collaboration with the Serendipity Arts Festival, we present the first edition featuring the programming for this multi-disciplinary extravaganza.  In this SAF special edition, we introduce the themes and details of the various exhibits and performances taking place across the beautiful city of Panjim. The disciplines at the festival this year will highlight an underlying theme of the impact of art and culture on society.


Sudarshan Shetty, Curator for Visual Art

The second edition of our collaboration is focussed on special interviews with this year's appointed curators for Visual Arts, Photography, Craft, and a select few special projects. The interviews provide an in-depth understanding of the curatorial narratives of the exhibitions, and offer readers a glimpse of what to expect at the festival. 


Previous Editions

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December, 2019

Come winter and the art community revitalises! There are new exhibitions to look forward to, festivals, fairs, and biennales to attend, and auctions to keep track of. The edition features a variety of articles, including an interview with Sumakshi Singh, a collector's essay on F. N. Souza, reviews of new exhibitions, and an interesting opinion on the effect of experience-based art on the commercial art market. There are also announcements by India Art Fair and Pantone, a recent notable sale, and a list of must-see exhibitions for the month.

Indian art news September 2019 martand khosla nature morte


September, 2019

The month of September heralds the start of a new season for the art community : one that promises a robust programming calendar, with curatorial engagements, critical discussions, festival openings, and exhibitions of emerging talent. 

This edition features articles that celebrate the past, through India and Greece's attempts at reclaiming lost heritage, and also, initiatives based on sustainable models for the future of the global art market. 

Indian art news June 2019


June, 2019

While the future of handicrafts and the "handmade" in India has always been a topic of discussion, recent initiatives and institutions suggest that the form of art is starting to regain prominence. The articles in this edition provide a closer look at the crafts industry in India.


We have also included a special section for the summer : a handpicked selection of often overlooked museums to visit during your travels around the world.

Indian art news March 2019


March, 2019

This edition is dedicated to highlighting and applauding the achievements of women artists, curators, and entrepreneurs in the industry. From Arpita Singh’s retrospective uncovering the artist’s extensive practice, Anita Dube’s feminist biennale providing a platform for numerous female artists, to rediscovering an extraordinary woman impressionist painter, Berthe Morisot, lost in the shadows of art history’s male stalwarts: there is a lot to soak in and review this month.

Indian art news January 2019


January, 2019

With its fair share of successes and failures, the past year was nothing short of eventful. The Kochi Biennale strengthened with its first female curator; an artist at Serendipity Festival, Goa, reimagined the ordinary charpai, while discourses of the confrontation between public spaces and contemporary art were reinforced at the Sculpture Park, Jaipur. The third edition brings to you views and reviews of all that caught our eye!

indian art news november 2019


November, 2019

The Art Issue turns 1! We are thrilled to announce that it has been one year since we channeled our interest in the Indian art world to bring out monthly newsletters. We are indebted to all our readers for their continued support and engagement with The Art Issue. Since it is our love for art and the visual language that gave birth to The Art Issue, the current edition is a celebration of art and its multi-faceted display through reviews of different exhibitions around the country; and stories highlighting the rise of public art, and sensory installations.

Indian art news August 2019


August, 2019

From the debate over art being only for the elite, to methods of preventive conservation for newer mediums, to a need for museums to be diverse and inclusive: the edition uncovers some of the most pressing issues in the global art community today. A truly exhilarating start to a brand new season! We are always on the lookout for any such stories that would pique the interest of our readers, and keep them informed on all updates and discourses prevalent in the art world.

Indian art news May 2019


May, 2019

With the return of the India Pavilion, after an 8-year hiatus, at the 58th Venice Biennale 2019, the Indian art fraternity is surely living in interesting times! The articles in this edition throw light on the India Pavilion's theme and the curatorial director for this year's Biennale, along with reviews of new exhibitions and artists in the country. We have added a new feature to the newsletter that looks at the history and analyses of masterpieces of art, starting with a work by one of our favourites - Van Gogh. 

Indian art news February 2019


February, 2019

With a host of exemplary exhibitions being held around the country, and another remarkable edition of the India Art Fair, it’s safe to say the year began on an inspiring note for all us art lovers! This month’s issue is focussed on celebrating the progress of Indian art and culture through interviews, new ventures, and thought-provoking artworks. Also included in this edition are some of our favourite works and artists from the art fair.


December, 2018

The medium of an artwork has always been a matter of great discussion amongst the art fraternity. Whether it is analysing the intent, or even evaluating the artwork – investigating the medium is almost always a starting point. Safe to say, it paints a pertinent portrait of the artist. This edition seeks to uncover the idiosyncratic creativity and expression that different mediums, such as printmaking, photography and even language, offer artists.

Indian art news October 2019


October, 2019

The edition features reviews of some of the latest exhibitions in the city, an analysis of art restoration, and yet another #MeToo scandal in the Indian art community. Successful auction results for Indian and international artists prove the art market is still steady. However, even with Banksy setting a new record and Gagosian selling out its entire booth within minutes of Frieze London's opening, what really is the future of the British-European art market in the wake of Brexit?

Indian art news July 2019


July, 2019

We, at The Art Issue, are always working hard to curate stories that please all art lovers: For the research enthusiast, we have articles on artists, an emerging art centre, as well as a compelling essay on street art in the country; for those in search of business news, we have details of recent notable sales and a peek at Sotheby's latest announcement; and finally, for those who just want to explore, we have a list of must-see exhibitions for the month. In addition, Serendipity Art Festival has an announcement that is bound to be of interest to all.

Indian art news April 2019


April, 2019

It's spring! A source of inspiration  and a time to create. In this edition, we welcome new endeavours, opportunities and mediums, while celebrating curatorial practices of the past. Scroll to find out more about India’s participation at the prestigious Venice Biennale 2019, the Government’s first major auction, the latest collectible for history lovers, and a list of must-see exhibitions.


January, 2019

The Art Issue's India Art Fair Edition! Expect to see a focus on South Asian art by various reputed galleries and institutions, some of which have been highlighted here. The art fair, from January 31 – February 3, 2019, also brings with it a host of exhibitions around the city, and we have handpicked our favourites for you! Also included is information regarding some insightful discussions and performances that will take place at the venue.

Indian art news November 2018


November, 2018

The inaugural edition brings to focus many enterprising developments in the Indian art community. Curatorial initiatives are on a rise, positioning the country as a global hub for art and culture. The articles in this issue provide latest news on upcoming ventures, emphasising that art experiences need not be confined to the traditional gallery space.


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